Norfolk Heavy Towing


Able Towing Service provides professional and reliable heavy towing services in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. With an extensive fleet of heavy tow trucks and recovery vehicles at our disposal we stand prepared to handle any heavy duty towing situation. We're expert recovery team is staffed with trained and certified towing operators offering fast, friendly heavy towing services when you need us.

Able Towing Service has experience in towing all type of long haul trucks and local delivery trucks and vans. Our heavy towing services are offered in the greater Norfolk area and we are equipped to tow all heavy trucks and semi-tractor trailer trucks. Offering local and long distance heavy towing in Hampton Roads, contact our dispatch center now at 757-627-4861. Our heavy duty towing and recovery services include:

  • Semi Truck Towing
  • Tractor -Trailer Towing
  • RV Towing
  • Bus & Motor Coach Towing
  • Semi Truck Accident Towing Truck Accident Cleanup
  • Semi Trailer Towing & Storage
  • Long Distance Truck Towing
  • Delivery Truck Towing
  • UPS & FedEx Truck Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing & Recovery
  • Heavy Duty Recovery
  • Off Road Semi Truck Recovery
  • Sunken Semi Trailer Lifting
  • Heavy Duty Mud Recovery
  • Construction Site Towing & Extractions
  • Trailer Decking & Undecking
  • Trailer & Truck Bunking & Unbunking
  • Heavy Duty Insurance Towing
  • Replacement Truck Delivery

Heavy Duty Recovery Services

Able Towing Service offers heavy duty recovery services for complete heavy truck accident and off-road winching, up-writing and recovery. Our recovery services utilize the latest technology to ensure quick, safe and secure recovery of your asset.

Towing services include the retrieval and recovery of large semi-tractors, tour/city buses, coaches, tractor-trailers, RV’s, large fleet trucks, cube vans, bread trucks, single axle semi-tractors and storage units. We accommodate recovery requirements up to 100,000 pounds and can provide truck, trailer and cargo storage services. Our direct dispatch service ensures we are on-scene A.S.A.P. Heavy recovery services include:

  • Heavy Duty Recovery
  • Semi Truck Accident Recovery
  • Semi Trailer Towing & Storage
  • Medium Duty Truck Recovery
  • Heavy Duty Snow & Mud Recovery
  • HAZMAT Spill Cleanup
  • Heavy Duty Recovery
  • Off Road Semi Truck Recovery
  • Sunken Semi Trailer Lifting
  • Decking & Undecking
  • Bunking & Unbunking
  • Construction Site Towing & Extractions